I’m not sure how I come across on this space.  I do tend to complain or rant about things and think I may seem really negative.

My life has really great aspects!  (and a lot of poop).  I get to build snow forts, tickle babies, and learn new things almost every day.

Her life is full of poop and new things every day too! 

I am thankful that:

– I get to sleep every night with the man I have a crush on

– my kids are healthy and developing normally (my biggest fear was CP or autism- cuz I’m selfish that way)

– I am healthy enough to walk anywhere I need

– I have a warm house, clean water, enough food, and safe neighbours

– I am more and more free from the childhood brainwashing that my girls won’t have to go through  I’ll mess them up in other ways 😉

– I have work I really enjoy and the chance to go to school

I know I am among the most privileged of the world.  What I will do with that, I’m not sure yet.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind sleeping through the night, but life is pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Love the picture. And every once in a while we need to stop and make a list of things we are thankful for. Violet on Miserable Bliss does it every day. Five things. Or 20 things every fourth day if she gets behind.

  2. Life *is* good. Poop is merely a part of it.

    Love this post.

  3. Snowbrush says:

    “- I get to sleep every night with the man I have a crush on”

    You should also be thankful that you can trust us to keep this from your husband. Ha.

  4. Lorena says:

    Women get it pretty rough, I think. After they finish raising children, they can’t sleep through the night due to hot flashes. There is no rest for the weary.

  5. prairienymph says:

    C. Dissenter- With a daughter who tends to constipation, we celebrate poops too 🙂

    B. Fodder- I do like to be grateful, but sometimes it feels funny to put the things I’m thankful for in a public space. I know so many people who are not in a great relationship, or are in poor health that I am afraid

    Snow- I think he already knows… (I wish I had something funny to say back)

    Lorena – No! I was looking forward to being able to sleep a whole night!

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