A Break?

I am taking one class and working about 5 hours a week.  This means I get 12 hours a week free of small children.  Which makes me a better person and a better mama.

A friend asked when my class was done.

“Next week already,” I replied in shock.

“Great!  Now you can finally get a break!”

A break?  Class was my break.  My adult time to discuss ideas and see things from perspectives over 3 feet tall.

It was a nice break for Lil’T too.  She is very social and I am not giving the social stimulus that she gets from the neighbours’ houses full of kids her age. 

Other well-meaning friends and relatives exclaim at how amazing it is that I am working and going to school and a mother.  I hear their disapproval thinly veiled by professed admiration.  It is always followed by how I need a break.  As if being a mother was the one thing I don’t need a break from.

But really, I need that time away from my house responsibilities!  I’m not working very much- it is my hobby.  If I was spending that time at a prayer meeting with child care, or taking a pottery class or going to the gym it would be ok.

I wish they would give me a break.  🙂

5 thoughts on “A Break?

  1. I agree. Women who create balance in their lives so they can develop their own talents and pursue things they love and are passionate about are better mothers. Women who don’t have lives of their own feel deprived, oppressed, and secretly resentful.

    Yet women are often put on guilt trips for needing “me time,” as if that somehow makes them selfish. To the contrary. It makes them better mothers and happier people.

  2. Ahab says:

    I’m assuming that these friends and relatives have children of their own, so why don’t they understand how taxing it is to be with a small child all the time?

  3. You are doing the right thing. For you and for your kids. And for your husband too. Women whose view of the world is larger than the kitchen window are far more interesting to be around.

  4. Lorena says:

    Sounds good. Enjoy!

    • prairienymph says:

      The part that seems strange to me is that it is the type of break I’m taking that they object to.

      These women who encourage me to stay at home spend their time away from kids doing volunteer church activities.

      And it isn’t just church women, some moms I meet in the park are aghast at the idea that I bike to school instead of go to the gym. It is like they are afraid of being labelled a ‘bad mom’ if they approve of my choices.

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