Beware the Third Hand

My 8 month old, C-Minor,  is crawling around now.  The other day she pulled herself up into her sister’s box of building blocks.  She used her mouth as a third hand to hold herself up while she plunged her hands into the box.

That reminded me of when Lil’T was that age and used her mouth as a third hand.

We were all sitting in church and baby Lil’T was standing on her daddy’s feet and holding onto his legs.  She decided that she wanted to crawl up into his lap. 

I glanced over just as she reached out with her third hand and its sharp little teeth to the area directly in front of her mouth.

Her daddy noticed his immanent peril and nearly jumped back out of his chair, the horror and shock on his face noticeable to everyone in the row.

He wisely decided to take Lil’T to the back so that he could stand up while watching her, leaving only his knees and ankles vulnerable to attack.

I couldn’t keep a straight face, so I pulled my hat over my eyes and chuckled into my folded hands for the rest of the service.

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