You know what I hate?

I’ve started back at work for a few hours a week. 

The store doesn’t open until 10, and a customer had been waiting for a few minutes so we opened the store early.  He was in a bad mood.

“You know what I hate?” No ‘hi, how are you’. 

“What?” I say in sarcastic anticipation.

“I hate cold.

“And I hate having to wait for things.

“And I hate the stupid drivers on the roads.

“And I hate high prices

He went on and on.

I interrupted him, “Do you know what I hate?  People who  complain all the time.”

“Yeah, me too!” He said without a pause.

I love people who don’t get that they’ve been insulted!

3 thoughts on “You know what I hate?

  1. Gee, and you weren’t even subtle.

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