Me ‘n Jesus- we got facial hair

About a year ago, Lil’T used to confuse me with Jesus in our picture bibles. 

At first, I was flattered being compared with god incarnate and all.  Then I asked her why Jesus (a red-bearded cartoon) was me instead of daddy.  She informed me that I had a beard too.  And laughed. 

My two year old was joking about my facial hair- which explains why she thought I was a boy for the first 3 years of her life. 

Her favourite Jesus story was when he healed the sick girl.  But after I told it, Lil’T would then tell me the story of when Jesus was sick and the little girl saved him!

I thought it was sweet and made the mistake of telling my evangelical friend.  Who thought it was sacrilegious.  Good thing I didn’t tell her that Lil’T thought I was Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Me ‘n Jesus- we got facial hair

  1. What on earth would be sacrilegious about that?

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