Celebrating the Devil

“What are you doing for Halloween?” I asked our newly-pregnant neighbour.

“We don’t celebrate Halloween. We only buy candy and eat it ourselves.” She replied.

“Oh. Any reason why you don’t celebrate Halloween?”

“Its because we’re Christians. We believe it is celebrating the devil.” She stated coolly.

“So, no costume for you.”

“No, I’ll still dress up.” She described her costume.

“Sounds cute!”

“Its supposed to be sexy.” An air of reprimand in her voice.

“Are you going anywhere in your costume?” I ask.

“Yeah. Me and my boyfriend are going to the bar.”

I’m confused. Kids trick-or-treating is celebrating the devil but a pregnant girl going to a bar with her boyfriend is fine?

Lil’T and her cousin in one of her many costumes of the week!

10 thoughts on “Celebrating the Devil

  1. Ahab says:

    She’s eating candy? Doesn’t she know candy has demons in it?


    In all seriousness, I don’t get it either. Halloween is bad, but dressing up and going to a bar is okay? Strange.

  2. That is too funny. Add in the part about pregnant and boyfriend and it is a really wild “Christian” mix.

    (Note: my head is pounding anyhow so thought I might as well read your blog as it won’t make it any worse.( :->)

  3. Snowbrush says:

    I’m right in there with Blog Fodder. Say you’re a Christian but don’t marry. Get pregnant but go to a bar and pickle your baby. Say you’re opposed to Halloween, but celebrate Halloween in your own way. And then there’s the grammar, but that’s pretty much the way people talk anymore. My wife watches Jeopardy!, and she hears contestants say, “Me and him…” all the time.

    • prairienymph says:

      In her defense (about the grammar), she has a slight mental disability. However, I know most of the rest comes from her parents. I wouldn’t have guessed that they were Christians. My definition of Christian was really narrow.

  4. Hi, Snowbrush. I am glad you are onto this blog. I have a great deal of respect for you and how you think. You can be a great help to PN, who is my niece by the way, and comes from the same screwed up organization I did. She is twice as smart as me as it too me 50 years and only took her 25 to figure it out.

    • prairienymph says:

      :p I was smart enough to marry a man who didn’t grow up in The Move. His family is so relieved that we aren’t attending that church anymore. We haven’t told them which one we are going to though…

  5. Lorena says:

    The kids are adorable. Typical Jesus believers those neighbours of yours. In my experience, the subset of Christians who actually tries to follow the rules is below 10%.

    In fact, most Christians take their children trick-or-treating. When they shouldn’t. The Bible adamantly opposes ghosts and witches .

    • prairienymph says:

      I thought Christianity wasn’t about rules, but about the relationship 😉

      We went trick-or-treating until we were tweens. Then we went to a church party where we still got to dress up, got buckets of candy, and played games in farmers’ fields half the night!

  6. theo(il)logical says:

    A little off topic, but nevertheless of interest to you given the topics of many of your other posts; just didn’t know where to leave it: http://nerdyapplebottom.com/2010/11/02/my-son-is-gay/

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