Call a spade a shovel

I called someone a dick the other day, and then began to think about it.  Why do our genitalia insults have so little to do with the actual anatomy?

If you call someone a “dick”, you are saying they are self-absorbed, inconsiderate, rude, arrogant, mean, contemptible, stupid, and hurting people.

If you call someone a “pussy”, you are calling them weak, a coward, incompetent.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this means “showing a lack of courage or determination”.

While these may reflect the stereotypes of men and women, they do  not reflect the reality.  And especially the reality of the organs themselves!

Lets take the penis- why not say that it is sensitive?  It is responsive.  It  has multiple functions.  Why call it arrogant?  Why not call it generous?  It is also relational- pretty sure it works best when not alone 😉  And it is also beautiful.  Those words are much more accurate.

In reality, a pussy is really really strong!  I heard that someone lifted 30 lbs with those muscles.  And pushing out babies, holding up the pelvic floor… STRONG

Also, it is competent.  It performs multiple functions very well.  And determination!  You get started in labour… 

If someone is comparing me to a vulva, it should mean beautiful, strong, competent, clean (much more than dirty mouths), intricate, active and so on.

Next time someone is being a dick, I may just call him obnoxious. 

Or maybe its ok?  Does anybody else care what their genitalia represents? 

Am I being anal for having respect (but not envy :p ) for a penis and not wanting it to be associated with crudeness?  Is it wrong for me to be hurt when someone insinuates female biology is cowardice?

Any respectful thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Call a spade a shovel

  1. I just sent you an email with an article you might be interested in relating to this blog.

    • prairienymph says:

      The article regarding swearing was interesting. I don’t think that these types of insults are quite the same as swears. They aren’t meant to shock people or get a visceral reaction- just to insult and demean people.

      I do think we do need strong words to insult people or describe despicable behaviours- I just object to the linking of the insults to gender/sex.

      • theo(il)logical says:

        Why do you think English uses words that refer to body parts and functions as swears. Québecois French, on the other hand, takes its profanities (note the root word of this!) from religious objects found in a church (i.e., Tabernac, ostie, ciboire, etc.). Just something to ponder.

  2. You mean I can call a spade a shovel but not a f—ing shovel?

    • prairienymph says:

      no 🙂 Call a spade a f-ing spade, but don’t call it a shovel. Swear if its appropriate, but don’t link cowardice with femaleness or jerkiness with maleness carte blanche.
      About swearing though, this link is funny

  3. Very funny. How close can we get to the edge?
    A famous Texas trail drive foreman was named Richard Head. I expect he was fast with a gun and no one called him “Dick Head”.

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