Real Life Heroes- locker room talk

I realize that I am surrounded by heroes and heroines and want to write out some examples.

The Pastor L___ from the Pentecostal church in our town used to work in a warehouse.

It was a macho haven, full of big talk.

One of the workers was retelling his ‘exploit’ from the night before.  He described how he was torturing his date, and had held her by the neck out the window.

The other guys were laughing and cheering him on when they noticed L___ wasn’t smiling.  So they turned on him and began to ridicule his lack of humour.

He looked the guy right in the eye and said, “If that were my sister you were talking about, you wouldn’t be laughing right now either.”

Everyone was silent.

I applaud him and all the other men (and women) in my life who don’t laugh at put downs to others.  You are making a difference without even knowing it!


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