There once was a princess.  She was born with golden hair, autumn blue eyes, and a sweet mischievious smile.  She was born to create and fill the lives around her with beauty, laughter, and good food. 

But alas, when she was nearing adulthood, she was taken captive.  Her parents never noticed that their child was being stolen from them.  

She was led along a path and coaxed up a tall tower.  The tower’s name was fear.  It was there that she was locked up. 

In the tower was a mirror, but this mirror only told lies.  As the princess gazed at it, it reflected back to her an image of horror.  Her beautiful features, her strong capable hands, her precious heart were all twisted in the mirror into a grotesque monster.


She looked at that mirror so long that she could see no other image of herself.  She allowed chains to be put on her- of defeat, of self-hatred. 

Even so, she remained strong and wise and beautiful.  She gathered in the birds that flew by her tower, mended their wings, fed their souls and sent them back flying.  But she was unable to do so for herself.

One day, a farmer’s son walked by the castle and saw her.  He was entranced.  By this time, the gold from her hair had blown away, leaving it a faded ash brown.  The brilliance of her eyes was replaced with the far away blue of a pale winter sky.  But she was still beautiful.

The farmer’s son knew that he couldn’t tear down her tower.  He used his cunning and skill to gently climb it and she let him in, much to her surprise. 

He showed the princess her true reflection in his eyes.  But she could not accept it.

They were married and had children.  It seemed like a fairy tale.  But then the chains got stronger.  The princess, so tortured by the mirror and the chains began to scream.  She screamed at her children.  Then, ashamed,  began to retreat. 

Her children begged her to be their queen.  She refused and became their servant instead. 

One day, her oldest child ran away from her home.  She broke the chains of self-defeat and found a new mirror.  Excitedly, she ran back to her mother. 

“Princess, this is you!  You are beautiful, you are strong, you are needed.  Please leave this tower!”

But the princess could not look at any other mirror let alone think of leaving her ‘home’.

“I cannot save myself,” the princess moaned.  “But, there is a saviour!  He will come and set me free!”

And so she waits for her 2000 year old prince.  The farmer’s son waits with her.

One thought on “Enchanted

  1. That is a very sad and very true fairy tale.

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