The last church service I attended at our church’s main camp mentioned Headship and Submission.  It wasn’t the topic, but a favourite rabbit trail.

The speaker decided to address the women. 

Submission is necessary to a godly home.  Now, we aren’t extreme.  A woman can rearrange the furniture without her husband’s permission.  But, she can’t sell the house.

What was the message there? 

That wives should be grateful they could rearrange the furniture?

That being in submission merely means following our country’s laws?  (If a property is joint-owned, one party can’t sell without the other’s consent.)

Or were they suggesting that the husband actually could sell the house without his wife’s consent since he didn’t have to submit?

As I left, I mentioned to a relative and church leader that I felt I could give better marriage advice than that, even though I had been married just over a year.  

He looked at me in amusement, much like I do when my three-year old tells me that she is bigger than I am.

 But, I still listen to her.

4 thoughts on “Sermon

  1. Grace says:

    Well, ok, but the man can’t sell the home either without his wife’s agreement.

    It seems to me in a healthy relationship, there has to be mutual submission, and respect.

    It works both ways.

  2. prairienymph says:

    That is what I would think. However, mutual submission was too liberal and not biblically ‘accurate’ enough for the preachers.

    The closest they got to that was saying that everyone has to submit to the ministry of the Holy Spirit within the other person. The example given was a wife who had a ‘ministry’ to seniors told her husband that they needed to go visit a sick elderly person. He didn’t want to but because he was submitting to God (not her), they went.

  3. Exactly. It is give and take. I read somewhere that if EACH of you feel it is 80% give and 20% take you are running about 50:50 as it should be.

  4. It seems to me they are running out of things to preach on so stick to the well worn rabbit trails (such a good expression). No idea why they feel so threatened by independent women.

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