Beyond or Within

Thinking about mystical experiences is uncomfortable.  Our brains love patterns and easy memes in which to store the data of life.  Life is rarely so simple.

When mystical experiences happen: foretelling the future, knowing a language previously unknown, calling someone ‘out of the blue’ to find out they needed you, that spark of inspiration…

Are they just in your own brain?  Or are they beyond? 

In the book, Fingerprints of God, the author talks of an experience she had while having parts of her brain electronically stimulated.  She experienced a feeling of something evil, an apparition of a goblin, when the scientist stimulated a certain part of her temporal lobe.  It happened in the location (the left of the room) that he predicted since he stimulated the right side of her brain.

This seems like it is showing that our visions are merely activity in our own brains, regardless of an outside reality.

But is it so simple?  Another explanation could be that the activity in her lobe allowed her to be more open to another dimension.  I don’t think this idea has much merit, but I don’t know how to explain other things in which there were no electric probes involved.

What about the feeling of warmth and heat when people put their hands on you to pray?  What about my experience of a heaviness of spirit breaking at the same time friends of mine were praying for me half a world away?  And when I’ve dreamed things and later saw them happen?  What is that?

I guess it isn’t something I can know. 

Perhaps much of our experiences are delusions- part of our brains being overactive for whatever reason.

Perhaps there is an unseen energy in this universe that certain people can sense.

Does our spiritual experience come from beyond us?  or within us?  or both?

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