M T – Part 7 Love and Marriage

Returning from India, I opted to move to a different city to escape a relationship.

I was running away from a boy who called me racist for wanting to go to the orphanage instead of stay with him. And I believed him 🙂

I felt lost and isolated in a cold grey city far away from the lush foilage and bustle of children and animals everywhere. Not only that, but I arrived at Christmas in a city with oil money from a place where not everyone had shoes. The kids there bathed naked in the yard every morning and it was so innocent. Here there were billboards of half-naked people in provocative positions all over the malls. I couldn’t watch a movie without feeling sick. I went back to school working towards medicine so that I could return to India and be more useful.

Then, I met him. Again. We’d met a few times before and had already had our first fight (over pizza crusts). I hadn’t been impressed, but now I was.

I went back home for Christmas and told everyone I met the man I was going to marry.

It was the first time I was certain about anything. I still felt lost, directionless, and confused about everything else.

Now I only had to convince him!

Of course, I was the female and I had to wait for him to initiate, so I did what any other girl would- I invited him to prayer meeting. And church. And found lots of reasons to need his help.

He eventually got the hint. We were married the following April.

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