“You’re too sensitive.”

“Geez, I never knew anyone could be more sensitive than you.”

“Holy crap, you’ve got to stop being so sensitive!”

I grew up thinking that there was something wrong with me.  One of my cousins constantly reminded me that sensitive was bad and I was too much of it.  No one ever stood up for me and many joined in, so I assumed that they all agreed.  

Looking at it now, I realize I was not the one with the problem.  My cousin wanted sanction to make fun of people and causes I felt strongly about.  My anger at his contempt was what he called ‘sensitive’.

He made fun of people with disabilities.  He mocked immigrants.  He threw scorn at women.  He derided liberals.  Poor people.  Aboriginals.  Muslims.  People with university degrees.  Environmentalists…

All those years I thought I had a problem.  I didn’t!  I just happened to care about those people.  Many of my close friends fit in the favourite groups to mock.  When I stood up for them, the tirades almost got worse.   It wasn’t just him making those comments, he was just the loudest.

So, yes.  I am sensitive about contempt shown towards ‘other’ groups.  Contempt leads to huge injustices.

2 thoughts on “Sensitive

  1. Zoe says:

    My problem is, I’m honest. Gets me into trouble every time. 😦

    I know I am sensitive. No one cares to know why though. I’m just suppose to “get over it” because I’m “intelligent” and should “know better.”

    I’m exhausted from dampening down the essence of me.

    When who we are as individuals doesn’t fit into the wants and needs of others, finger pointing keeps the focus off of them and on to us.

  2. As if intelligence really makes one a more callous person 😛 sounds more as if those who aren’t as empathetic simply want to call it ‘more intelligent’ as opposed to ‘less empathetic’. That is like saying the reason I can’t dance is because I’m too intelligent.

    He wanted to be able to blame other people for his problems. Something we all want really 🙂 I just take others’ blame too easily.

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