My parents’ fault

My mother hinted the other day that my issues with faith and god come  from the mistakes and shortcomings of my parents.

Wow.  My questioning is the fault of my parents?  She is probably right.  I made a short list of values my parents have that continue to influence me.

– my dad’s love of life-long learning

  Our house has always been full of books from topics such as history, linguistics, biology, and other such things.  We never bought new clothes, but we always had a budget for new books! 

– my mom’s love of debate, questioning, and analyzing. 

  The two didn’t actually mix due to my father’s loyalty to tradition and fear of confrontation, but my mom was always up for a discussion.  If we disagreed (if!) I knew that she would go back later and research my point of view.

– my father’s appreciation for the arts

  Nature has always been my dad’s inspiration for his poetry, photography, sketching, and music.  (Maybe not drama).  We went on many field trips to the country with cameras or visited art galleries (including the one my dad has where he works).

– my mother’s resourcefulness

  We grew up without much, but my mom always managed.  You don’t want to know the variety of ways she found to cook lentils.  During autumn we walked around town picking apples from people’s trees who didn’t want them and made freezers full of applesauce. 

– my father’s high value of community and family

  My dad keeps in touch with so many relatives.  He organizes family reunions and writes family history books.  He is involved in nearly every club in our small town.

– my mother’s living out her ideals of health and care for the environment

  She bikes or walks everywhere she can.  She works hard and isn’t afraid to get sweaty and dirty.  When we were kids she would play in the park with us and teach us King of the Castle and scrub baseball.  Real women have callouses and are active.

There are so many more, of course.

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