Working through contempt

I am angry at my old church for many reasons.

They lied to me.

Of course, most of the lies they told they sincerely believed.  That is understandable.  They could have known.  They should have known.  But, they chose not to.

What I’m having trouble with is the lies they told about people in other groups.  Lies about atheists, liberals, liberal churches, and even any other churches.

With the body of Christ as an analogy, our group was the First Fruits company.  The Manifest Sons of God.  The remnant who would show the way to the rest of the church and then the world.  Other churches were different body parts, they were slower to mature.

I grew up surrounded by a disdain for “the denominations”.    Even though I got angry at the contempt shown to other church groups on behalf of my friends who belonged to them, I still thought we had something special that every other group should have too.   One day they would ‘get it’.

With the level of contempt shown to other churches who were similar to us, imagine how liberal churches were viewed!  (atheists were sad, lonely people who proved God existed by their emptiness or morality- they just needed to be told the good news.)

I was terrified to go to a liberal church, except for community concerts, in case whatever they had was catching 🙂

Well, they were wrong. 

I have found people in other groups to be just as compassionate, caring, catty, and quirky. 

People are people are messed up and amazing and broken and resilient and hurting and causing hurt and healing.

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