Uncovering- a little at a time

I had a conversation with my mother today.

She was criticizing the phrase “People kill each other over fairy tales” because to her, not all creation stories are myths.

I asked, in a condescending tone  reminiscent of tweenage- “but you don’t believe that Adam and Eve were real people do you?” 

So then, onto evolution and creation. 

Finally she asked, “but don’t you believe the Bible is the word of God?”



Then more questions.

“Who do you say Jesus is?

“Do you think you are smarter than so many people before?

“How do you think Paul read the Bible?  Didn’t he see Jesus?

“Do you think that the world is only material?  That there is nothing else but matter?  That you have no soul?

It was a respectful conversation; she really wanted to know.  My imagination had prepared me for something horrible, but my mother was very calm. 

She said that everyone is on a journey, and we are all at different stages.  Then she complimented me on my recent gains in confidence.

2 thoughts on “Uncovering- a little at a time

  1. dana says:

    Your mother said: “Do you think you are smarter than so many people before?

    Honey, look at your mother’s comment this way:

    The sheer act of believing the same thing as “so many people before” only means you are no smarter, or more advanced, than all the people before.

    It means you haven’t grown, or used your own brain.

    It means you continue in the stagnant faith of others.

    The bible was written by men AND women at a time when superstition abounded, judgement was quick, brutal, and there was no such thing as forgiveness. Excuses weren’t an effective deterrent against swift repercussions

    Then along came MORE men. Men of power. Particularly the early Pope’s who decided which books were to be included in the first printing of the bible (circa 1500s) These men of power did not think that anything written by a woman would be a good thing to include. After all, women might start “thinking” on their own.

    More was trashed than was saved, and yet thousands of years, wars and inhumanity have been acted out based on a few COPIES OF manuscripts that were allowed to be saved.

    All religions use the same formula: don’t think/don’t question/faith is believing/ignorance is faith.

    Gosh. I sure hope I’m helping.

    • prairienymph says:

      Its much easier to see that from the outside 🙂 Saying that someone was following their own thinking instead of relying on what the church fathers said was accusing that person of arrogance. Since pride goes before a fall, it was also prophesying their destruction. Emotional blackmail.

      You are right, though. However the apparent danger was of falling down a slippery slope not of climbing out of centuries of superstition.

      I laugh now that I once publically apologized in church for the sin of thinking. I called it “intellectual arrogance”, but really I was apologizing for questioning the superiority of Paul’s writings. Unfortunately, I think that apology may have hindered those who were also questioning.

      I’m tempted to go back and apologize for believing that Paul, Peter, and the head church guys knew better and were closer to God than I could.

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