M T- Part 7 In India



In India we were responsible for teaching various classes (sometimes without textbooks) at the orphanage. School was Monday to Saturday. Every night we led church services with the kids. On Sundays and some evening we travelled to small towns to preach. 

I loved it! It was hard- very hard, but amazing. The first month was very difficult and nearly oppressive. Early one morning I felt the heaviness breaking and rolling away. I found out that at that very time a NB camp friend had rallied a prayer meeting for us. 

Our North American church travelling elders visited and set up a camp on the school grounds. The men had brought their wives for perhaps the first time and some young guys who had travelled with them before. Us girls had always begged to be allowed to go travelling with them but they only ever took guys. They said it was for modesty reasons. 

There was an altar call. I was sitting on the floor in the women’s section and began to pray with the ladies there and hold them. That got me into trouble. 

“Women are beautiful behind a veil” one of the Travelling Ministries wives said to me. 

“Only the elders can pray for someone to receive the Holy Spirit. Laying hands on someone is dangerous.” 

The young men who came with them had been putting their hands on people so they could receive the Holy Spirit. One was a deacon but the other wasn’t. They were both encouraged to do so. Why the double standard? 

I had gotten used to leading a service every night. Leading music, storytime, bible teaching, prayer and discipline for 104 children. Sometimes with two of us. Often alone as my friend had gotten really sick. 

On my way back to Canada I stopped for a month in Taiwan. I met an Alliance pastor and had the opportunity to travel and visit different churches and outreaches. I often spoke to various groups and felt so alive. 

(I returned home I found that some people had heard that I’d been in a prison. True, but it was to take part in a bible study. My friends had decided that I must have been evangelizing and been put in jail! Of course, some of them also believed the rumour that I was pregnant and engaged to a Buddhist monk. sigh- blind belief.) 

When I got back to Canada I missed the freedom I had enjoyed overseas. At church camps boys as young as 12 were encouraged to practice leading services, but not girls. I now knew I was capable of teaching and leading, but now had less opportunity to do so. And even more guilt for wanting to.

4 thoughts on “M T- Part 7 In India

  1. Zoe says:

    My husband and I were in youth ministry. I came out of the womb a natural born leader and speaker. Not bragging. Just true.

    The teaching of our conservative evangelical fundamentalist literalist dispensationalist rapture-waiting etc. etc. Baptist church taught that men should be the leaders. So, I did my best to disappear, decrease, so my husband could increase, appear. I slowly lost myself. It worked, I disappeared, almost. The thing is, I still had to lead but I had to wear a sort of invisible veil myself stepping on eggshells all the time trying not to lead, while leading was still expected of me, but doing so with female humbleness and walking the tight-rope when I clearly was leading.

    Prairie Nymph. I get the guilt part. Every time we had to fill in one of those “gifting” forms at church, I scored hightest for being a Pastor. Oh did that one get them all in a tizzy! :mrgreen:

    Is that you in the photo?

  2. Zoe says:

    Hey Prairie Nymph, did you miss Part 6?

  3. Always been dyslexic with numbers. Amazing I was any good at calculus!

    That is me with the grade one class. And the new classroom. We started out hiding in the shade of a church building. I once disrupted a prayer meeting by having the kids sing “The Hokey Pokey” (learning body parts) at the top of their lungs! I didn’t know there was anybody in the church.

  4. Zoe says:

    No problem. I just didn’t want to miss part 6! 🙂 This is a great picture and I found it very intriguing. Is it me or are those some mature looking grade oners? I can just picture you all doing The Hokey Pokey. Sometimes prayer meetings can be kind of sleepy, so you all probably kept the praying parishioners awake. :mrgreen:

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