M T- Part 3 Enter Me

The Revival of 1948 eventually calmed down.  The original bible students married each other and moved away to start families and churches.  Their kids grew up seeing each other several times a year for camps.  They married each other and had kids.  I was one.

Church and church camp was the centre of our lives.  The kids all participated in the church services and by age 2 or 3 I was reciting psalms.  I remember at age 4 dedicating my life to God.  No one believed that I understood and I wasn’t allowed take communion until I was 6.

Just before I turned 5 we moved from an urban centre close to my mother’s farm to a rural area (with the proper church) close to my father’s farm when I was 4.   I didn’t know it, but my mother was pregnant and starving herself so that my brother and I could eat enough.  After my 2nd brother was born, she got sick. 

She was diagnosed with bipolar, but I wasn’t told anything about that until later.  Since I had witnessed her first manic episode, I thought she was possessed by demons.  I asked some of the church members if that was true, and they said they just didn’t know. 

At the big church camp they prayed for our family.   They sang a song about the centurian soldier having his servant healed.  She wasn’t healed.  Her depression lasted for years- at least it felt that way to me.  Thankfully we had no doctrine against medications!

I was told I was an outgoing happy toddler.  But I didn’t laugh for years as a child.   I remember listening to a concert in a different church and holding all my muscles rigid so that I couldn’t dance- our church didn’t dance or play anything but organ and piano, it must have been wrong :p   I was a very legalistic child.

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