My Testimony- Part 1 The Pioneers

My story begins before my time.

My great-grandfather Freke preached his first sermon in Ireland.  My great-grandmother heard his plea based on Galatians 5:1.  She gave her heart away twice that day.

Years later they met again on the Canadian prairies as he, a travelling preacher/farmer came by her area.  They were married soon after.   According to the stories he was very disciplined man- sometimes harsh but always to be counted on.  She was outspoken, vivacious, and full of adventure.

My mother’s grandparents were also pioneers.  Quiet and dependable.  There are stories of them slipping away from the farm to end up on a neighbour’s place to pray for a sick child until they were better. 

I was brought up to be grateful for the rich spiritual heritage passed down to me.  Faithful adherence to Christianity was my family’s legacy for as far back as oral history allowed. 

(Of course, there was that scandal involving the castle and a rumoured illegitimate child and lost inheritance.)

2 thoughts on “My Testimony- Part 1 The Pioneers

  1. HeIsSailing says:

    Prarie Nymph, I just found your blog, and read all your articles. Great, thoughtful stuff..!! I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. Zoe says:

    I’ve got some Irish in me too. 🙂

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