M T: Part 2 Revival


It must have been a magical time. 

I grew up hearing stories of This Present Move of God starting from a revival in North Battleford SK.

Healings, prophesy, visions, singing in the spirit, all night prayer meetings…  the Gifts of the Holy Spirit were poured out like Joel 2 promised.  For several years the people lived on the high of the Holy Spirit.  Many groups broke away from it including the Toronto Blessing airport church.  But my grandparents remained loyal to the small conservative core that continues there this day.

My parents grew up in the shadow of The Move and we were pressured to carry on.  Third generation will break or make it.  1948 is still spoken of in awe and longing.  Maybe we would be so blessed as to experience it again.

My grandfathers were both elders (it is an office one carries in a particular church until death,  given by God as indicated by the Holy Spirit through the Travelling Ministries). 

Below is the church that one of my great-grandfathers preached at and later my grandfather. 

My grandfather never stopped talking about it his whole life.  If I could pray hard enough or submit more, whatever it took to bring in a new revival, I was going to try.

And the prophesies pointed to an even greater Move of God.  But the warning was clear- if we didn’t enter in, God would find another people.  

My grandparents had spent their entire lives in devotion to This Present Move.  Those living still are.

We were to carry on.   The world needed what we, the remnant, had to offer.

2 thoughts on “M T: Part 2 Revival

  1. HeIsSailing says:

    I just googled North Battleford, Saskatchewan, thinking you might be close to my great-grandparent’s old prairie home of Kenmare, North Dakota. Dear Lord, your family is from the far northern prairie..!!

    I gather ‘The Move’ a particularly memorable revivalistic movement from the 1940s. In the SouthWestern US about 1970, we had something called ‘The Jesus Movement’. I am still reeling from the effects of that to this day.

    I can’t wait to read what happens next!

    • prairienymph says:

      And we view ourselves as being central, not north:) Nipawan, now that is north!
      “This Present Move” started officially in 1948 when the group of students and teachers from a Pentecostal Bible College were kicked out and moved to North Battleford. Another name for it by those outside is the Sharonites. Since our group is fairly quiet most of the information on the net is a little off.
      Our group didn’t seem much affected by the 70s movements.

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