Violence for Peace

The man truly wanted peace and security for his children.  He dreamed of a better world where they would be free to enjoy life without the feces of life that could smear them.

If only everyone shared his ideals, his knowledge, his “Truth”.  Some of those other people made life dangerous.  The only way was to change their ideas.  If they could be convinced, life would be better.

Some people did not want to be convinced by words.  Well, too much was at stake.  They would have to be convinced by force.

How arrogant, you say, that he believes himself so right that he has the right to force others to follow his beliefs by any means.  But, no, this man is also incredibly humble.  The thought that he may be wrong wouldn’t be questioning his own views, for he got them from people much more intelligent or spiritual than he.

In order to change his own beliefs, he must admit that the teachings and traditions passed on by honoured leaders are wrong.  That would be to place his own reason above theirs.  To him, that is arrogance.

It would be a double betrayal as well.  Not only would he be denying the wisdom of those before and around him, he would be admitting that they had done him a disservice as well.  His whole sense of security would be shattered if he didn’t fight to spread his beliefs.

Who is this man?

He is my attempt to understand how people can do atrocious things with a clear conscience.

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