Fundamentalist Scientist

I always thought that there should be more poetry in science education.  I’m now realizing that most of my science education, with the exception of a few exceptional teachers and professors, has been more limiting than educational.

Most of the questions we were given had a specific method to follow to get a specific answer.  The authorities were right and we could be their students by mimicking their experiments.   This may be a fine place to start, but not to end.  I love to find different methods to do things and was at times rebuked even though my answers were right.

I remember reading a Popular Science article about a physicist who was breaking new ground and making discoveries in the world of astronomy.  She described her discovery process as being intuitive and almost mystical.

She wasn’t following a cookie-cutter way of thinking which I so often encountered in various scientific disciplines.  In every group there are the visionaries and in every group there are those who try and keep the status quo.

I have found that in certain groups, certain questions are off limits.  This is true whether the group is a prayer meeting or a lab in university.  I thought that science (from health sciences to mathematics) was all about asking questions and questioning answers.  Politics are pervasive in all disciplines and part of my science education included learning which leaders to follow silently.

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