Dark Tornados

Whirling, dark and destructive.

Winds hungry for action bang inside my chest.

The sound of rushing noise fills my head and demands to be released.

Desire turning to destruction: I want to throw things.  kick.  punch. hurl my body into something.

Ache to run away from the tensions inside myself.  If I run hard enough the angry winds will die down and peace will return.

A few days ago, this whirling was merely a playful zephyr.  It was energizing and life-bringing.  But as the days go on, it builds into a dark tornado. 

Irritable, I try to keep the energy inside.  It lashes out at me, escaping past my control to whip at my family.  My jaw is clenched, my body rigid.  My mind never calm.

The winds have to be released or they will tear me apart.  The storm rages, thunders, lightnings.  The world explodes.

And then the rain falls, gently.  bringing rainbows.  and calm.

Burrowing into his arms I feel the gentle breezes lightly blow through me again.

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